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Jade Hunter


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On this page, you'll find links to other web sites that will help you to learn more about the historical and cultural contexts in which the various sections of Jade Hunter are set.  There are also some links on general background subjects.
In addition to those sites, there are others which introduce you to some of the historical characters you'll meet when you read Jade Hunter. While the story is fiction, not all the characters are the product of my imagination, and by following these links, you can learn much more about these real people and the world they lived in.  Happy surfing!

Bronze Statue of Ming Emperor Hongwu (Photo G. Graham)

Jade Carving in China

What is Jade?

The Chemistry of Jade

History of the City of Yunnanfu (Kunming)

Kunming Yesterday and Today

The Ming Dynasty 1368-1644

Map of Ming China

History of the Ming Dynasty

Ming Emperors

A view of the Forbidden City (Photo: G. Graham)

The Forbidden City


The Imperial Civil Service and Examination System, and other Links to Chinese History and Culture

The Silk Road

A building at the tombs of the Ming emperors (Photo: G. Graham)

Maps of the Sikj Riad

History of the Silk Road

The Medici Family

History of the Medici

Lorenzo the Magnificent

The Pazzi Conspiracy

Tudor England 1485-1603

The Tower of London
The White Tower, begun by William the Conqueror in 1069 (Photo: B. Babcock)

Tudor History

Tudor Life and Times

Tudor Monarchs

Hemry VIII

Catherine of Aragon

Anne Boleyn

Thomas, Cardinal Wolsey

Thomas Cromwell

Sir Thomas More

The Eighteenth Century Royal Navy and the Napoleonic Wars

The officers' dining area aboard HMS Victory (Photo: B. Babcock)

History of the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars

History of the Ships of the Royal Navy

Life in the Eighteenth Century Royal Navy