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Jade Hunter

Reviews of Jade Hunter

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Reviews of Jade Hunter
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The ancient representation of the eternal balance between Yin and Yang


Award-winning author Kathe Gogolewski says of Jade Hunter: "Charles Mossop has written an irresistible tale of mystery and intrigue, enlivened with historical detail, rich descriptions and characterizations.  It is evident that he has done a great deal of research into his subject, and has read deeply. The characters are not, as is so often the case, contemporary characters poured into cardboard costumes and given slightly anachronistic speech. The reader feels that the characters are indeed brought to life and are very much a product of their times.  Superbly written and elegantly paced, it's easy to fall under the spell of Mossop's prose. His clarity and quiet wit propel the reader swiftly through each page of this incredible tale. I highly recommend it."


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A Ming Dynasty Building (Photo: G. Graham)

Ming Dynasty Structures on the City Wall, Xi'an (Photo: R. Cheung)

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